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Augment your digital marketing analytics with humanly readable insights and suggested actions

Jun 26, 2019 11:43:53 AM / by Akram Mimouni


Causalytics is a platform that helps digital marketing teams and agencies to get significant insights from their analytics data, present it in a humanly understandable way and suggest actions, fixes and tips to optimise your digital presence.

The idea of Causalytics emerged as we realised that despite the abundance of digital marketing analytics and reporting platforms, digital marketing teams were not satisfied about the following aspects:

  • Complexity: Most Analytics, reporting and dashboarding tools are too complex for non analysts / data scientists
  • Unknown ROI: Medium to large companies find it hard to understand the impact of the digital marketing activities and their ROI.
  • Rarity of Insights: Actionable insights are a rare species, and they are found by using a lot of time and manual work if they were to make any sense.
  • No actionability: Once insights are extracted, it takes a lot of ingenuity to have actions and estimate their possible impact.
  • Data fragmentation: Last but certainly not least, the fact that marketing data is scattered in many different channels, platforms and databases makes it almost impossible to have a clear overview.

Causalytics aims at solving these issues by:

  • Focusing on ROI rather than just tactical metrics
  • Generating natural language explanations that tell the story of the data (what it means, how it was calculated and why does it look the way it does)
  • Providing clear suggestions on what to fix in your setup (ex: google analytics), actions to optimise traffic, conversion or digital marketing campaigns (ex: AdWords campaigns) or tips to try out.

Causalytics is on its way to implement all the previously mentioned aspects. It is free to test for all users. It allows you to connect a Google Analytics, an AdWords, a Facebook Ads and a Hubspot account to immediately generate a dashboard with key insights about your digital marketing situation. Most importantly it introduces the concept of suggested actions helping you optimise your digital marketing presence and campaigns. 

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Topics: Insights, Augmented Analytics, Natural Language Generation

Akram Mimouni

Written by Akram Mimouni